Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster
Fitshot Aster

Fitshot Aster

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  • 1.43" AMOLED CosmicDisplay™
  • High Resolution & 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Sunlight Visible with Peak Brightness of 1000nits
  • Bluetooth Calling & Health Monitoring
  • Metallic Zinc Alloy Dial & Rotatory Crown

A StarWatch is born, and it’s brighter than ever.

Presenting Fitshot Aster. At 1000 Nits brightness, it’s clearly visible under the harshest light. Experience smooth navigation with a 1.43”AMOLED CosmicDisplay and 60 Hz refresh rate, along with a host of other features.

  • 1.43” Round AMOLED Display: With a round 1.43” AMOLED display, Always On Display, a 466*466 screen resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, view bold and scroll smooth. The screen, just as good as a smartphone!
  • 1000 Nits Extreme Bright Screen: View clearly even during harsh sunlight with its 1000 Nits brightness.
  • Converse From Your Wrist: This watch comes with a Bluetooth calling feature that allows you to converse from anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its inbuilt speaker, inbuilt mic and fast dialer!
  • Sync Once and You’re Done: No need to pair more than once. With its special SoloSync™ Technology, you need to pair this smartwatch just once and you’re all set to rock!
  • Healthcare Done Well: Equipped with multiple health features such as Continuous Heart Rate, SpO2, Breath Training, Blood Pressure, Sleep Monitoring, Menstrual Tracker, Sedentary Reminder and more, it helps in keeping good track of your health. Supervise your health with highly accurate sensors.
  • A New Watch Face Every Day: Pick your watch face according to your mood. Choose amongst 100+ watch faces or apply your own.
  • Premium Dial with Changeable Straps: It is lightweight, smart and a stylish accessory for you to don and flaunt. Choose amongst different shades and get ready to slay.
  • Your Fitness Partner: It comes with 100+ Sports Modes and IP68 sweatproof level to keep you ahead in the league!
  • Active Notifications: Get a smart little pal to keep reminding you of the incoming calls and text messages, hence no FOMO! Android users can also send Quick Replies to incoming calls right from the wrist.
  • Voice Assistance: Give commands and get your tasks done with its Voice Assistance feature. Get everything done at your command!
  • 7 Days Long Battery Life: Once fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 7 full days of travel or work, depending on your usage. NOTE: Please charge this smartwatch with a 5V/1A adapter.
  • Keep Up Your Productivity: Challenge yourself better and stay alert with features such as Sedentary Alert, Drink Water Reminder, Weather Forecast, Voice Assistance, Calculator, DND Mode, Password Protection, Alarm Clock, Flashlight, Timer, Raise to Wake, Remote Camera, Music Player and more.
  • 365 Days Warranty: This product comes under a warranty of 365 days against any manufacturing-related issues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Very poor quality. Within few weeks of usage battery is not charging. No respomse

No place to service or replace


It is mentioned that Special Offer | Get Rs 1500 off | by using ASTER coupon code but payment page showing invalid code.

Jayakumar.m Kowshik
We need digital and analog watch faces

We need digital and analog

Look wise superb. Battery is disappointing.

Look wise superb...very disappointed in the battery section. Not even lasting a day.. very poor battery life . They're promising 7days battery life...but it's only lasting one day.

Kaushik Upadhyay
Love It

Very beautiful loooking watch .Nice ,crisp and bright display . The big dial size looks really good on hands . Feather touch is really nice . Overall value for money ,no complaints whatsoever .


For both android and iOS- Gloryfit app is to be used.

The smartwatch is supported on both android devices and iOS devices. Android 6 or above, iOS 9.0 or above.

For iPhone

After the app is successfully bound with the watch while using the smartphone function, it will prompt to connect with Bluetooth Aster (ID-XXXX), you need to allow all the permissions on your smartphone when prompted. Once you are done allowing the permissions, the pairing will be successful and complete.

For Android

After the app and the watch are successfully bound, it will automatically prompt due to its SoloSync™ Technology whether to pair with the audio Bluetooth Aster (ID-XXXX), and you can directly pair it.

There are 5 color options available: a) Black, b) Metal Black, c) Lilac Bliss, d) Silver and e) Purple.

Yes, the watch supports Bluetooth calling. Calls can be made and received while being connected through the phone with the help of Bluetooth, an inbuilt speaker and an inbuilt mic. Smartwatches can also sync up to 100 contacts from smartphones.

The watch can give Health data for Continuous Heart Rate, SpO2, Menstrual Cycle, Sleep Monitoring, Breath Training and other activities with high precision. Although the data recorded using a smartwatch is for reference only and not for medical use.

Yes, the watch has an inbuilt dialer option for making calls. The phone’s cellular network will be used for making the call.

The battery life is based on the usage patterns of the customer. The watch generally offers up to 7-day battery life on normal usage. Up to 2-day battery life on continuous BT calling & AOD and a standby time of up to 15 days on a single charge.

NOTE: Please charge this smartwatch with a 5V/1A adapter.

The smartwatch has a total of 100+ exercise/sports modes. Walking, running, cycling, skipping, yoga, climbing, dancing, badminton, basketball, football and many more.

Yes, the watch has an inbuilt speaker so you can play songs through your watch. You can play/pause/stop songs, change tracks and control volume through the Smartwatch Music menu.

The watch is IP68 water-resistant, splash and sweatproof. However, the watch is not recommended to use during Deep diving, Hot Sauna bathing environments.

Yes, the watch straps are changeable.

There are 100+ cloud-based Watch Faces available in the GloryFit app. Users can also choose and apply the watch face of their own choice. The Smartwatch has inbuilt 6 watch faces.

Yes, the watch has 2 inbuilt AOD options. The first one is digital and the other one is Analog.

Yes. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Sound -> Enable/Disable Ring tone , Phone Audio as per your choice.

Go to Gloryfit app - SOS Contact - Add SOS number. You can make direct call to the contact person just pressing SOS option inside Meny directly.

Yes, there are 3 Menu options ( List, Nest & Spin) available inside the smartwatch settings.

The Red sensors are advanced health vital sensors that provide more accuracy while measuring health data. Red sensors are used during SpO2 measurement.

The Watch supports Quick Reply for Android phones only.

The display resolution on the Fitshot Aster smartwatch is 466*466 with 1000 nits peak Brightness and 60Hz Refresh Rate.

The strap size of the Fitshot Aster smartwatch is 22mm.

Yes, you can get notifications and alerts for SMS, incoming calls, and social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, etc.

Yes, you can click pictures by shaking your wrist through the Remote Camera feature and you can play/pause and rewind/forward with the help of the Remote Player feature.

Fitshot smartwatches come under a warranty of 365 days against any manufacturing-related issues. The accessories (magnetic pin charging cable) which come along with the smartwatch come under a warranty of 90 days. The wear-and-tear accessories such as the straps are not covered under warranty.

Yes, there is a functional crown which helps the users change watch faces and navigate through the menu.

Go to GloryFit Mobile app > Universal Settings > “Bracelet Looking for Mobile Phone” > Turn ON notification bar permission. Now, the phone will ring and vibrate on clicking “Find Phone”.

NOTE: Make sure that Phone Audio from Setting > Sounds is disabled on your smartwatch for your phone to ring. Also ensure that your smartphone is in Ringing mode. Otherwise, your smartphone will only vibrate and not ring while using this feature.

Go to Setting > Sounds. Now, set the Ringtone volume at zero by clicking on “-” till it reaches the lowest level. Turn OFF “Ring Tone “. It will successfully enter into Vibration mode.

To access the Female Health Tracker if you are a female, go to the app. Click on Me > Physiological Cycle and set the details manually.

NOTE: Female Health Tracker icon is unavailable in the Spin menu view due to limited space for icons. So, if you want to use this feature, please change the Menu view to either Nest or List view. If the issue still persists, please restart your smartwatch and the app.

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