Fitshot Connect - Big Features. Bigger Display.

Fitshot Connect - Big Features. Bigger Display.

The wearable smartwatch devices have taken a boom and have become an integral part of the electronics market. Every other well-known electronics brand is working towards innovations in their products for a convenient lifestyle. Each of them wants to stand out in the market and be distinct from the others. Similarly, we would like to put heed to our new brand Fitshot, which has stepped into the smartwatches industry, with the recent launch of the very first product Fitshot CONNECT.

Fitshot is a smart wearables lifestyle brand that offers high-quality products and delivers a great user experience. It is a brand with a mission to make smart fitness accessible to everyone and for everyone who has a vision of a better self, and a better world. Our way of life is to remain open to new people, new experiences, and new possibilities. 

A young brand focused on the young hearts to create their chances rather than waiting for it. We believe that good things might come to those who wait, but great things come to those who take their shots.

Fitshot has unveiled its first Bluetooth calling smartwatch, Fitshot CONNECT in the market, targeting the young, bold, and independent Millennials and the Gen Z segment of society. Innovatively crafted Fitshot Connect went live on Flipkart and our Website on 12 August 2022. As it is a lifestyle brand rooting towards accessibility and affordability, has initially kept the prices pretty reasonable. The smartwatch is set for the launch price of Rs. 2,999.

The smartwatch comes with a robust design with adjustable straps of different colors (Sable Black, Seafoam Green, and Royal Blue), high-quality frames, and IP68 water resistance. The USP of the product is its SoloSync Technology with a single chipset, making it the first one to bring it to India. This technology makes it easier to pair with mobile, consumes less battery, and offers seamless connectivity. You just have to pair the Fitshot smartwatch once, allow permissions when prompted and you are good to go. No further manual pairing is required. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The display we offer in this watch is 1.85 inches full touch screen with a square CosmicDisplay, 500 Nits Brightness, and 60Hz Refresh Rate, which is more than average in the market. Like other features of a smartwatch, it has 100+ watch faces, 100+ sports modes, Bluetooth calling with an inbuilt Mic, speaker, and dialler, and many health monitoring features. Additionally, it has a battery life of up to 7 days and takes 2hrs for a complete charge of a 300mAh battery, 2 inbuilt games, a Customizable Watch face, and a weather forecast.

Fitshot Connect can be sported by anyone as it is a Unisex smartwatch offering various colour options for different moods. It can be worn in extreme daylight conditions as it offers a daylight-bright screen. A perfect fashion accessory that will go well with your every outfit. So! Take your shots with our new Fitshot Connect and up your style quotient.

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