Do you panic when your child goes out of sight?

Don't worry! Now, connect with your kid anytime, anywhere.

Kid’s Smartwatch to guard your child all the time.

Fitshot Junior

Mom's Recommended

SIM Based Calling

Audio Messages

GPS-Location Tracking

Heart Rate & Body Temperature

Video Calling

SOS- Emergency Alert




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Reliable Quality

1 Year Warranty

Your child’s safety is ON their hands! 😍

Want to see them? Video Call

Know where & what they are doing!

Call each other anytime!

Keep kids safe when you are away!

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Tried and Trusted ✅ by Moms

  • Sakshi Arora

    For a mother like me , Fitshot junior is a blessing. She enjoys her playtime now and I can keep a track of her. It is super easy to handle. It has become her favourite to play games on her watch ,leaving my phone to me now . It definitely adds a style too.

  • Suman Rao

    I recently got my hands on Fitshot's new smartwatch Fitshot Junior. I honestly couldn't thank them enough for this, I'm less worried for my kid now, whenever he is out. Earlier I used to get so worried, I literally lost him once at a park because of his nanny, we couldn't track him, we all got so worried. I don't want such things to repeat ever again, so I shifted my trust to Fitshot Junior. And I'm just relieved.

  • Neha Jindal

    I love how it comes with 4G SIM support so I can stay connected on calls with my kid from anywhere. Its real-time location tracking and SOS feature are other features that let me have peace of mind. Plus, it comes with great health monitoring features. So overall, an excellent investment for your kid's safety and communication needs!

  • Darshpreet Kaur

    After having Fitshot junior my experience has been tremendously amazing, I'm genuinely relaxed to send my daughter out there. I can track her location and call her anytime. Not just this, it has many other features that are useful for day to day life. My daughter is in love with it. It's a must buy , I recommend it to all.

Track location when they are out of your sight.

Or define a specific boundary, and if your child goes outside of that boundary, you will get alert via notification.

Call your child anytime, even better video call them!

SIM Enabled with in-built Camera

Claimed as “FAVORITE” by kids! 😍

Keep a tab of their health



Heart Rate

Sleep Monitoring

Missed your child or your child missed anything

Send audio messages to each other

Set alarms in the watch for reminders

An entertainer for your kids!

Take selfies

Play games

Take selfies

Play games

  • In case of emergency

    Long press the side button and it will notify the guardian

  • In an uncertain situation

    Take remote pictures from the app

    Make a call on the watch without any intimation and hear the audio

  • Stay in control of

    what’s happening on the watch

    Disable dial pad Can only make calls to saved contacts from the watch

    No Spam
    Watch directs unknown calls & messages to the mobile app.


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Customer Reviews

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Charging Cable

Charging cable is not available anywhere! We lost the cable and been in look for it since a month. Watch is unable to be used because of this issue. The site as well as the app does not hold options to buy an additional charger!

Vijay Gorripati
How can I get a charging cable for fitshot smart watch

How can I get a charging cable for fitshot smart watch

Annapoorna Kamath
Good 5star


Shirley poruri

It’s an amazing concept as I no longer have to worry about where my baby is,access to keep a track at all times ,but with all the amazing features it has I believe the quality could be much better in terms of the screen ,lock buttons ,sound,touch sensitivity…as I entirely love the concept of fitshot junior ,I would wish the quality to get better with a newer version .

Anita Rao
Fit shot Junior -- Excellent Product

So, While browsing through insta, I came across the bigshot ad for Fit shot Junior and decided immediately to order it for my 7 year old daughter. As usual girls go with Pink so ordered a pink one. The package was delivered in 4 days and the packing was excellent.

The set up process was smooth for most part of it, however faced some teething issues with GPS latching between app and watch ( possibly an issue with my piece or the fact that my apartment is in circle shape and GPS connectivity indoors could be an issue). Called the helpdesk and received a prompt response from their technical team. infact had thre pleasure of interacting with their product development head who took keen intrest to resolve the issue in quickest possible time. while signing up i faced a technical bug which I reported to them and was surprised to see that it was fixed in 24 hrs. and I received a call back to confirm the fix.

To sum it up

1. Excellent product
2. Superb Tech and after sales support
3. Very professional Team

1. Battery life is a day or so which could be because of connstant GPS tracking facility so thats ok
2. Price could be more user friendly